Our Aims 2018-03-13T08:10:57-05:00

Beechwood Childcare was established in 1991 by Janette Price, following many years experience providing childcare in the voluntary sector. We provide a high standard of care and education for children, fostering their individuality as they grow. To this end Beechwood operates with the following aims in mind:

  • To provide a safe and stimulating environment for all children.
  • To involve parents and the community for the good of all children.
  • To actively promote an equal opportunity policy for all adults and children.
  • To work with different agencies responsible for the care and education of children.
  • To provide in-service training for all staff members, as the quality of any childcare provision is ultimately dependent on the skills, abilities, attitudes and commitment of the staff.
  • To understand that children and families have a wide range of needs, we endeavour to cater for all individual needs.
  • To respect all children, valuing and nurturing their individualities