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Fees for 2018.

Fees are due every Monday by 6pm. If not paid, there is a $10.00 late fee.

Fees can be paid by cash or check.

All fees include snacks drinks and meals where relevant.

The registration fee is an annual fee due when the child first starts and every September. We do not ask for supplies or contributions to supplies. The registration fee covers the cost of typical supplies.

Fees Weekly Daily
Infants $150.00 $31.00
Ones $140.00 $29.00
Twos $130.00 $27.00
Threes, Fours and Fives $125.00 $26.00
School Age – All Week $125.00 $26.00
School Age – Before and After School $80.00 $17.00
School Age – After School $70.00 $15.00
Registration Fees – $50 for one child,
$80 for two or $95 for three or more children